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A friendly yet strong disposition

Aggressive front styling sets the signature Kia grille between bi-function headlamps. A large lower intake draws in engine-cooling air, while side intakes direct airflow to the wheel-wells to help cut turbulence and cool the brakes.


The graceful side of utility

From behind, the agile Stonic makes a striking impression with its dramatically raked, spoiler-capped rear window, and three-dimensional LED rear combination lamps, Its muscular fenders, bumper and airflow regulating skid plate project strength and practicality.


A good way to travel, wherever you go

Discovering new places and experiences is a lot easier to imagine when you know you’re backed up by a solid network of safety technologies. They not only look out for you but also add to the dynamic enjoyment of driving.

Bridge-type roof rack

Store bikes, luggage or bulky sporting goods securely on the roof to preserve interior space and protect the upholstery from soil and moisture.

Bi-projection headlamps

Bi-projection headlamps offer more precise illumination, enabling you to better detect obstacles and navigate the road ahead.

LED rear combination lamp

LED rear combination lamps illuminate instantly and give the rear a modern, high-tech appearance.

Electric folding mirrors with side repeaters

The outside mirrors can be folded and unfolded conveniently with the push of a button. Repeater lights make your intentions clear.

Aero blade wipers

Aerodynamic wiper blades maintain contact with the windshield, even at high speeds.

Skid plate

An attractive, aerodynamically contoured skid plate below the rear bumper helps protect the body and fuel tank from scrapes.


Your personal link to all its powers

In the Stonic, clean, sculpted contours please the eye, and driving is refreshingly fun. The steering wheel is shaped to stay clear of your legs and the shift knob and other controls are positioned for quick engagement. Staying focused is the name of the game.


Dedicated to maintaining your cool

The roomy interior can seat up to five people with ample space for stretching and relaxing. Up-to-date entertainment choices, automatic air conditioning, and heated front seats make the ride even more welcoming.

3.5-inch Supervision cluster

Between the speedometer and tachometer, this screen displays auto, audio, navigation and parking information. An optional TFT-LCD screen offers multiple languages and pop-up messages.

Steering wheel audio remote

Adjust audio settings using just your thumb for enhanced driving safety.

Speed limiter / Auto cruise control

The auto cruise function can be activated using steering wheel-mounted controls, making it easy to set your desired speed.

Manual A/C

The manual air conditioning includes dials for temperature, fan speed and airflow points, with more buttons for modes, defrosting and recirculation.

Auto Temperature Control

Auto temperature control lets you select a desired temperature for the system to maintain. A digital readout displays temperature and settings.

Metal pedal pads

Add an authentically sporty look and feel to the interior with stainless finished metal pedal pads.

AUX & USB Front Charger

Connect audio devices with a 3.5mm (analog) jack. A USB outlet lets you connect or simply charge mobile devices.

Rear USB Charging port

A USB jack at the rear of the center console lets rear-seat occupants charge USB devices while they ride.

Power windows

Power window controls for the rear doors give rearseat passengers control over how much or little air to let in.


High-quality high-range speakers are strategically positioned for clarity and balance with the other speakers.

Sun visor illumination lamps

Tasteful LEDs beside the vanity mirror on the driver-side sun visor light up to help with last minute touch-ups.

Electro-Chromic Mirror

The electrochromic mirror automatically dims the most intense light sources in the mirror, retaining a clear view of other objects.


More capacity means more capability

A compact SUV like the Stonic is designed to put plans and dreams in motion. Its spacious interior and cargo flexibility make it easy to set out on adventures and get more things done in the course of a day.


Make it yours and yours alone

Now that you’ve seen the amazing things the Stonic can do, it’s time to make the exciting decisions. It’s time to choose the colors, materials and extras that will tell the world this Stonic all yours.

Folding 2nd-row seats

Rear seats fold nearly flat, so you can fit long or bulky items in an extended cargo space.

60:40 split-folding rear seats

The rear seatbacks split 60:40 and fold flat separately, offering you useful choices for managing cargo and passenger space.

Adjustable cargo floor

Position the cargo-area floorboard higher, to be flush with the folded seatbacks, or lower, to accommodate tall items.

Covering shelf

A rear shelf keeps cargo out of view. Attached to the rear gate by cords, it lifts out of the way when the gate is opened.

Luggage net

An elasticized luggage net keeps luggage and cargo from moving around in the cargo space.

Smart Key & Button Start

When you have the Smart key with you, start the ignition with a mere push of a button.

Heated front seats

Heated front seats and seatbacks warm up quickly. Heating levels off after the desired level is reached, for safety and comfort.

Heated steering wheel

On cold mornings, the heated steering wheel is more welcoming and easier to grip.

Overhead console lamp with sunglass case

An overhead console helps you stay organized and keeps your sunglasses high and dry, where you can find them while keeping your eyes ahead.

Center console armrest

The comfortable armrest is coordinated with interior trim and integrated with a console that includes two cupholders and a sliding compartment.

ISG (Idle Stop & Go)

When you have the Smart key with you, start the ignition with a mere push of a button.

Rain sensor

When it detects raindrops on the windshield, the rain sensor and activates the wipers accordingly.


Tap into precisely matched applications of power

The Stonic is offered with four engines, three gasoline and one diesel, to suit a wide range of needs. Paired with a compatible, quick-shifting manual transmission, each combines remarkable power and appealing efficiency.

Manual transmission

The 5-speed and 6-speed transmissions offer quick, smooth shifts. Their gear ratios are matched to engine torque curves, boosting power and efficiency.


Placing safety above all else

Protecting the people inside is always the highest priority. The Stonic is engineered to help drivers stay out of trouble and to manage collision forces in ways that minimize the potential of harm to occupants.

6 airbags

Protection includes front airbags for the driver and front-seat passenger, two airbags at the sides, and two curtain airbags running the length of the cabin.

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

When you're on a steep upward incline, pulling away from a standing start can be a worrying experience. HAC stops you from rolling backward.

Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)

Working in concert with the Motor Driven Power Steering, VSM helps ensure that the Stonic remains stable when simultaneously braking and cornering.

Torque Vectoring by braking (TVBB)

TVBB is the brake-based torque vectoring system that selectively brakes the inside front wheel when cornering to keep that wheel from spinning.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)

When you back out of a parking spot or driveway, radar-based RCCW warns you if it detects cross traffic in the lane the vehicle is entering.

Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW)

Using radar to monitor the sides and rear of the vehicle, BCW employs visual alerts to inform the driver about vehicles in the blind spot, for easier and safer lane changes.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

Using a camera mounted at the top of the windshield to monitor lane markings, LDW alerts you if the vehicle deviates from the lane when the turn signal has not been activated.

High Beam Assist (HBA)

Responding automatically to the brightness of the lights of other vehicles and road conditions, HBA switches off the high beams temporarily, to reduce glare that may affect other drivers.

Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

To help prevent distracted or drowsy driving, DAW monitors driver and vehicle inputs. If it senses reduced attention, it sounds a chime and displays a warning in the supervision cluster.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)

Combining radar and camera data, FCA activates the brakes when it detects sudden braking by a car ahead, and can stop completely from speeds up to 80 km/h. If FCA senses a pedestrian ahead, it warns you. If you don’t respond, it will brake for you to avoid or lessen impact.

Parking Distance Warning-Reverse (PDW-R)

When you back into a parking spot, audible beeps alert you to the distance to obstacles behind as you reverse.

Rear view camera with dynamic guideline

The rear view camera projects dynamic, bending guidelines onto the image in the 7-inch dash display to recommend a path.



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