Service Your Kia

At Kia, we are committed to providing our customers the best after sales experience. The relationship with our customers extends beyond just buying a vehicle to make customers for generations.

Our dealership network is staffed with highly-skilled technicians who have been trained in accordance with global Kia Standards. Exclusive diagnostic equipment and special service tools support our technicians in providing best after-sales service to ensure a smooth Kia driving experience.

KIA provides customers a family-like care

Our courteous staff will greet customers and provide them with Kia's signature Family Like Care.

Customers can wait in our beat 360 customer lounge

Customers can wait in our Beat 360 Customer Lounge while our trained technicians work on their vehicle.

Trained technicians

Trained technicians accurately diagnose customer concerns and make sure all problems are fixed right the first time.

Technical Quality System

Our Technical Quality System ensures the best results from vehicle reception to delivery.

The vehicle is delivered on time

Express Service will make sure that the vehicle is delivered to the customer in a timely manner.

KIA Dealerships

Kia Dealerships provide car wash services and return the repaired vehicle to the customer in pristine condition.

Vehicle delivery

Vehicle will be then be delivered to the customer.

Customer satisfaction

Kia staff will contact the customer after service to ensure their complete satisfaction.


  • 1 Routine service maintenance.
  • 2 Overhaul of engine, transmission and axles.
  • 3 Repairs and replacement of suspension, brakes and steering.
  • 4 Air conditioning, electrical and audio system repairs.
  • 5 Replacement of battery, tyres, rims and other components.
  • 6 Accident repairs/motor vehicles insurance claims.
  • 7 Full and partial re-spray, grooming and polishing.
  • 8 Restoration/renewal of trims and upholstery.
  • 9 Sales of accessories.
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