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A Dream Car for Rational People

Are you torn between exciting, provocative cars that you’ve dreamt about from an early age and sensible cars that are a better fit for your everyday life? Rarely has a new car brought both of these extremes together so seamlessly. The Stinger is a car you can dream about all night, then hop into every morning for a drive that is sure to wake up your senses.


Onespirit Three Faces

Every Kia Stinger artfully captures the most desired elements of classic motoring in a five-door sports sedan designed to excel in the real world. From the graceful EX, to the invigorating GT Line, to the exhilarating GT, every Stinger offers driving enjoyment, a spacious interior and forward-thinking technology. Exclusive GT Line and GT exterior trim elements, interior options and performance features give these versions an especially unique personality.


Performance-Based Sensations

Performance sedans have an illustrious rear-wheel drive history. Apply the latest technologies and materials to this tradition, and the result is a remarkably responsive, dynamic and rewarding driving experience. The Stinger reflects a deep commitment to capturing the distinctive feel of classic sport sedans. Take a long, meandering ride in the Stinger and see how the right balance of passion and technology can reinvigorate your daily drive.

Dark chrome finished outside mirrors

The tone of the high-quality side mirror finish puts luxury cars on notice that serious competition has arrived.

Rear LED combination lamps & quad oval exhaust pipes

Modern, stylish LED lights illuminate instantaneously with a bright, even glow, while four oval exhaust tips announce that the Stinger is a bona fide performer.

Dark chrome finished trim & 19” alloy wheels

The dark finish of the trim's chrome conveys refined, performance-oriented luxury, while aggressive 19" alloy wheels speak to the deep gran turismo sentiments of drivers everywhere.

18” disc brakes with Brembo® red brake calipers

On GT models, the standard, provocative red Brembo® brake calipers make the Stinger look startlingly fast, even at rest.

Full LED headlamps

Amid classic performance-car styling cues, full-LED headlamps (standard on GT models) demonstrate that Stinger uses the best technology where it makes sense while still retaining that authentic old-school look.


Classic Simplicity for Passionate Drivers

From the low-slung driver’s seat to intriguing details like the circular, aircraft-inspired air vents, Stinger’s cockpit design draws heavily on classic sport sedans. Crucial information appears on a tidy supervision cluster flanked by the tachometer and speedometer, as well as through the optional Head-Up Display on the windshield. Secondary information appears on an optional 8-inch “floating” navigation display.


Where Personal Space is Paramount

Inside, the Stinger feels sporty, substantial and uncluttered. It’s also spacious, particularly in the rear, thanks to its long wheelbase. Interior treatments include soft, luxurious Nappa leather seats on the GT version, while all models feature firm front and rear seats and bolsters.

Driver and passenger power seats

An 8-way power driver seat and 6-way manual front-passenger seat are standard. Driver seat options include 4-way mechanical lumbar support, a thigh extension and 4-way Air Cell Lumbar Support with bolster adjustment. Front-passenger options include an 8-way power seat and 4-way mechanical lumbar adjustment.

Expansive 2nd row roominess

The Stinger offers superior headroom, shoulder room and legroom to its major competitors, providing ample space for two or three passengers to sit comfortably and stretch out.

Wide sunroof

Ready to feel the wind in your hair? A wide, tilting and gliding, one-touch sunroof is available on all trim levels. With the press of a finger, it lets in far more sunlight and fresh air than a conventional sunroof.

7˝ supervision cluster

Vital vehicle and driving information appear in a larger, more vivid and higher-definition format on the optional 7-inch TFT LCD supervision cluster located between the tachometer and the speedometer. Multi-language support is included.

3-zone climate control

A standard dual-zone full auto temperature control system along with rear seat climate control gives the driver and all passengers separate controls, allowing people with different climate needs to ride together in comfort.

Electronic parking brake (EPB)

An electronic parking brake offers quick, secure activation without the effort required by traditional mechanical brake levers. Pull on the EPB switch on the center console to activate the parking brake. Auto Hold mode temporarily maintains the vehicle at a standstill even if the brake pedal is released.

Integrated Memory System (IMS)

The Integrated Memory System saves two presets for driver’s seating positions, outside rear-view mirrors, Head-Up Display and cluster display. It's a simple way to keep the Stinger totally personalized, yet flexible enough to make another driver feel at home.


A World of Possibilities

The Stinger puts your life in motion in countless new ways. Its five-door fastback layout with 406 liters of cargo capacity means there’s plenty of easily accessible space to bring along everything you’ll need, even for a long road trip. The rear hatch lifts to reveal a broad opening, making it easier to load wide objects or arrange cargo. The rear seatbacks split and fold 60:40, giving you several options for accommodating longer items.

Smart Power Trunk

It's a breeze loading cargo even when your hands are full. The lid of the Smart Power Trunk opens automatically within three seconds when you stand close to the rear of the vehicle with the key in your possession.

Head-Up Display (HUD)

With the customizable Head-Up Display (HUD), key driving information is discretely projected onto the windshield in your line of sight so that you can safely focus on the road ahead. Visible day or night, the height-adjustable display appears to float just in front of the car. Speed, cruise control, audio, turn-by-turn navigation guidance and Blind Spot Detection information are included.

15 - SPEAKER Harman/Kardon® premium sound

The optional Harmon/Kardon sound system includes subwoofers that resonate in hollow parts of the frame and body. Clari-Fi technology enhances digitally compressed music while Active Sound Design augments acceleration, shifting and suspension sounds for an enhanced driving experience.

Paddle shift levers

Standard paddle shift levers let you make quick gear changes for the 8-speed automatic transmission without taking your hands off the steering wheel. It's a simple way to access more torque on short notice or choose your own shift points during vigorous driving.

Remote Start-up (Available only in certain countries)

For those in extremely hot climates, the Remote Start-up system enables the car to be started from a distance with a press of a button on the smart key. This means the air conditioning can be turned on, cooling down the in-cabin temperature before driver and passengers get in the car.

Wireless smartphone charger

Charge a compatible mobile phone wirelessly on the charging pad located at the front of the center console. An orange display indicates charging in progress while green indicates a full charge. You will be alerted when exiting the vehicle if a device is left on the charging pad.

Ventilated front seats

Available ventilated front seats provide cool, soothing airflow on hot days and more effective and thorough heating on cold days. Both the seat cushion and the seatback feature airflow perforations to keep more of the body in a state of comfort.


Ingenuity that Packs a Punch

Stinger powertrains set a higher standard for longitudinal, rearwheel-drive orientation, leveraging technology to achieve remarkable combustion efficiency. Each powerplant is designed to offer the thrilling feel of rear-wheel propulsion when you step on the accelerator, even at low engine speeds. An 8-speed automatic transmission redefines smoothness, while the Stinger also offers a game-changing twist on gran turismo traditions with optional road-taming all-wheel drive.


Passion is Back with a Vengeance

To many enthusiasts, the true spirit of gran turismo driving seems to have been lost to the sands of time. Not anymore. From its very inception, the development of the Stinger has always been about passion. For the engineers who took it from the sketchpad to the hairpin turns at Nurburgring, and drivers everywhere with a passion for exhilarating performance, hope has come roaring back. Get ready for the dynamic and provocative Stinger, which promises a driving experience that is more powerful, more agile and more practical than any Kia to date.

Intelligent Distribution of Power

All-wheel drive (AWD) Stinger models combine thrilling rear-drive motoring with all the rough-road and inclement-weather benefits of AWD. That means confident, carefree driving in almost any condition, including snowy, icy and wet roads. The intelligent control system features Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control which addresses any traction or stability requirements by instantaneously adapting to road-surface changes and sending torque to the front wheels as needed.

Lambda 3.3 T-GDI engine

A twin turbocharger helps this top-of-the-line V-6 engine achieve considerable torque over a broad rpm range. The exhaust manifold is integrated with the cylinder head for added power, and an electronic thermostat helps provide precise temperature control.

Theta II 2.0 T-GDI engine

A twin-scroll turbocharger boosts low- to mid-rev efficiency while newly applied technologies provide phenomenal combustion efficiency. The engine produces maximum power output of 255 ps at 6,200 rpm and maximum torque output of 353 Nm from 1,400 to 4,000 rpm.

8-speed automatic transmission

Smooth shifts are what you'll notice first with the 8-speed rear-wheel drive automatic transmission. Its algorithms ensure quick and seamless gear changes while helping to maximize fuel efficiency.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

ESC ensures optimal braking performance and directional control by automatically delivering the right amount of braking force to each wheel based on evaluation of engine torque and driving circumstances.

Drive Mode Select (DMS)

The Stinger's DMS includes five modes, accessible from a dial behind the shift lever, that change the driving characteristics by automatically adjusting how the engine, transmission, suspension, steering and AWD operate, while even altering the engine sound.

Front-bumper-integrated air curtain & aero fender garnish

An air curtain that helps manage airflow, reduce drag and direct cooling air to the radiator is integrated into the front bumper. Lower apertures direct airflow to the wheel wells, helping to cool the brakes. In addition to the fuel savings and noise reduction that accompany reduced drag, the air dam's contours improve driving stability. Meanwhile, the aero fender garnish pays tribute to classic design cues of high-performance sports cars.

Rear integrated diffuser

An integrated diffuser panel beneath the rear bumper helps to control airflow leaving the underside of the body, preventing the four exhaust pipes from creating drag under the car. It pays homage to racing diffusers which lower the turbulence that can occur when low-pressure air under the car meets higher pressure ambient air. Longitudinal ridges help provide directional stability.

Lipped trunk lid edge

To improve stability and optimize the vortex of potentially turbulent air that forms behind the Stinger when it travels at higher speeds, the trailing edge of the trunk lid features an aerodynamic lip that provides a spoiler effect along with a pleasing aesthetic design detail.

Multiple aerodynamic underbody covers

The aerodynamic contours everyone can see in the silhouette and panels of a car are familiar to most people. But just as important to the aerodynamics equation is how air disperses underneath the vehicle, where the components often have complex contours that can result in drag. For this reason, the Stinger uses a system of sturdy underbody covers below the engine and transmission, on each side of the cabin and on each side of the rear suspension. These covers reduce airflow resistance of the underside of the body when traveling at higher speeds.

Noise, vibration & harshness (NVH)

Inside and out, new insulation materials abound, and every element of the Stinger has been engineered to raise the standard for a smooth, quiet ride. The engine room and dash get extra insulation while padding quiets joints of the body pillars and frame. The exhaust has been reconfigured, and the rear cross-member stiffened, while side mirrors and doors are sculpted to minimize noise and drag.


The Science of Protection

Safety is an integral part of any vehicle’s performance, and the Stinger is engineered to prioritize driver and passenger protection above all else. Occupant protection is built into every aspect of the chassis and body and was taken into account by Kia engineers as they optimized aerodynamics, performance, ride smoothness, and everything else that goes into creating an exceptional vehicle. The result is a thrilling five-door fastback sedan designed to offer an exceptional level of safety.

7 airbags

To help protect occupants and potentially reduce injuries in the event of a collision, the Stinger offers driver and front passenger airbags, two front-side airbags, two side-curtain airbags, and a driver’s knee airbag as standard.

Knee airbag

The driver’s knee airbag is designed to minimize impact and injury to the driver’s lower extremities in the event of a collision.

Around View Monitor (AVM) with Parking Guidance

This intuitive system combines four wide-angle images from cameras at the front, rear and sides of the vehicle to give you a comprehensive bird's eye view of your surroundings while parking or moving at speeds below 20 km/h.

Parking Distance Warning-Forward (PDW-F)

To help you park safely and confidently, PDW-F uses ultrasonic sensors mounted on the front and rear bumpers to warn of any obstacles. These warnings can help you position the wheels properly when maneuvering the Stinger into tight spaces.

Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW)

Traffic can move in complex ways, and at disparate speeds. No matter how careful you are, it can be difficult to stay on top of how clear the adjacent lanes are from second to second. Using radar to monitor the sides and rear of the vehicle, Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) employs visual alerts on the side view mirror to inform the driver about vehicles in the blind spot for easier and safer lane changes.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)

Enjoy peace of mind whenever you back the Stinger out of a parking spot or driveway. Its RCCW system uses radars to detect the presence of cross traffic in the lane your vehicle is entering. If it senses vehicles approaching from either the right or the left, it will give you an audible warning until the path is clear for you.



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