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Stay in power, with poise and finesse

The Sorento harbors a fierce V6 engine ready to pounce, wrapped in exquisite sophistication
and class, that only comes from within.


Equipped to get you right where you want to be

Conquer every corner of the world by traveling in an atmosphere of exclusive luxury and comfort that makes hundreds of miles a soothing blur. And so, before you know it, you are already there.

Day Time Running Lamp

These LED lights keep running whenever the engine is on and increase the visibility of your cars for other vehicles on the road.

Ice Cube LED Fog Lamps

Achieve outstanding visibility in low lights thanks to the Ice Cube LED Fog Lamps that illuminate your path and keep it clear throughout the journey.

LED Tail Lamps and Stop Lamps

LED tail lamps and stop lamps, light up more quickly and lasting longer than conventional bulbs. These energy efficient lamps make sure your path remains illuminated wherever you go.

Auto Up and Down Windows

An auto-down driver's window is offered as standard. Choose optional auto-up and -down driver and front passenger windows for added safety and convenience.

Chrome Metallic Grille

Chrome Handles

Roof Rack

The integrated roof rack is designed for maximum luggage storage while additional accessory crossbars offer you extra utility.

Silver Painted Skid Plate


An ode to unmatchable comfort and style

From the moment you open the door and settle yourself behind the wheel, the incredible interior of the Sorento captures you in a sudden awe of its sheer magnificence. From the well sculpted doors to the front safety moldings, everything within spells comfort, excellence, superiority and elegance.


Settle into the comfort that reminds you of home

The Sorento interior offers a high standard of comfort and luxury in its finely crafted premium leather seats. A dual-pane Panorama sunroof adds a new dimension to the inner atmosphere. The 2nd row seats auto-fold and slide 270 mm to let rearmost occupants in and out without any hassle, while the 3rd row seats split and fold 50:50.


Making the most of the space inside

A modern sport utility vehicle should accommodate a wide range of scenarios that come up through the years. The Sorento transforms quickly from a 7-seat commuter, to a miniature removal truck, to an adventure facilitator for travelers and their equipment. No matter the configuration, comfort and sophistication rule the day.

3.5' TFT LCD Supervision Cluster

A high-visibility display in the center gauge reports outside temperature, audio information, distance to empty, fuel consumption and much more.

Independent Climate Control

The dual climate control system gives the driver and front passenger separate controls for temperature, making the car atmosphere conducive and comfortable for everyone.

Panoramic Sunroof

A vast panoramic sunroof opens up a world of serenity, by letting you breathe in the fresh views while augmenting the interior comfort by adding more space inside.

Black One-Tone Interior

Interior environment in Saturn Black, hydro graphics one-tone dashboard and black leather seat upholstery.

Black-Stone Two-Tone Interior

Interior environment in Stone color, hydro graphics two-tone dashboard and Stone color leather seat upholstery

Rear Air Ventilation and Power Supply

Rear passengers can adjust airflow with vents and controls mounted at the back of the center console. USB and 12V outlets let them charge a variety of devices.

Ease of Entry and Exit

The 7-seater SUV enables the 2nd row seat to auto-fold, and slides 270 mm to let rearmost occupants in and out.

Satin-Chrome Finish

Luxurious, satin chrome finish grace the inner door handles, air vent surrounds and other interior design features. The raised vents echo the finish of the dials and their knurled control knobs let you smoothly adjust direction and airflow.

Steering Wheel Audio Controls

With the audio controls at your fingertips, answer calls or maneuver through your playlist without taking your focus off the road.

LED Illuminated Door Step

Bright, low-energy LED lighting illuminates the lower door sill to help you get in and out of the car gracefully at night or in dimly lit parking spaces, adding monumentally to the elegance and comfort of the care.

Rear Camera with Static Guidelines

Clearly see what’s behind you and within your blind spot without having to turn back and look above your shoulder. When reversing the Kia Sorento, the state-of-the-art parking assistance gives you maximum control over your car and saves you from any parking discomfort.

Cruise Control in Steering Wheel

Set and maintain a constant speed, and simply step on the brake or accelerator when you want to disengage.

Complete 2nd and 3rd Row Folding Seats

A retractable rear-door window sunshade helps rear passengers and stowed cargo stay cool on sunny days.

AC Vent Control




Powered Seats with Lumbar Support

Settle comfortably behind the wheels by adjusting the seat 10 ways to find your desired level of relaxation. The lumbar support in the driver seat keeps your posture intact and ensures maximum comfort.

Leather Seats

The ultimate driving experience, caressed by premium quality leather that offers supreme comfort while withstanding daily wear and tear.

Electronic Parking Brake

Parking your Sorento could not get any easier. Just engage the parking brake simply by pressing a button.

ISO Child Anchors

Keep your child safely and securely seated by strapping their seat to the vehicle using straps from the child safety seat that connect to special metal anchors in the vehicle.

Cup Holders

There are two large-sized cupholders at center of 1st and 2nd row seats. It allows for the safe and spill-free storage of bottles and cups to enhance convenience.

Push Start

Electronic Chromic Mirror

The Electronic Chromic Mirror adjusts the high beam reflection on the rear view mirror, so you are shielded from the undue glare coming from behind or adjacent to you, ensuring a safe journey and a pleasant driving experience.

Smart Tailgate with Memory Function

Opening angles for the tailgate can be stored in memory by pressing and holding a button under the tailgate for 3 seconds.

Smartphone Wireless Charger

The ultimate driving experience, caressed by premium quality leather that offers supreme comfort while withstanding daily wear and tear.

Smart Entry

The rear tailgate opens automatically when the Smart Key is detected nearby for 3 seconds or more, and closes with a simple push of a button.


Experience precise control of every wheel

An innovative, continuously active All-Wheel Drive (AWD) coupling system enables the Sorento to maintain the utmost traction on rough, loose or slippery surfaces, and helps improve the lateral stability when cutting a corner.

Dynamax AWD Coupling The intelligent Dynamax All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system, developed in conjunction with Magna Powertrain, continuously monitors driving conditions and anticipates AWD system requirements, sending torque to the wheels that have traction. The system also adds stability in corners, helps eliminate unintended over-and understeer by reducing unwanted traction forces at the front and rear axle, and helps
reduce fuel consumption and emissions.


The power you desire and the Efficiency you respect

2.4 L Theta II MPI Engine

The petrol engines available on the Sorento offer unparalleled torque for a smooth and comfortable drive, while its impressive fuel economy is ingeniously aided by precise transmissions that balances the car’s power and efficiency. So whether you're in town or out on the open road, it’s time for you to cruise with ease.

3.5 L Lambda II – V6 MPI Engine

Once you start the engine, you are thrusted into a world of fluidity and seamlessness that adds comfort and unparalleled engine performance. When the engine roars and the car picks up speed, shifting through gears becomes an art.

6-Speed and 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

18' Alloy Wheels

4 Drive Modes

Choose Normal, Eco, Sport or Smart mode to suit your preferences. Standard on automatic transmission models. * Smart mode is only available on 8A/T models..


We've given the unthinkable quite a bit of thought

Feel protected inside the Sorento cabin where you are surrounded by a safety cage design fortified with ultra-high-tension steel and a 6-airbag SRS system. Thoroughly tested in countless crash simulations and actual collision tests, the Sorento puts occupant safety above all else.

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

HAC prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when at a standstill on an incline by gently applying the brakes for up to two seconds while you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator.

Vehicle Stability Management

The system enhances the directional stability of the vehicle by automatically controlling the MDPS and the brakes on each wheel. In case of braking on a non-homogeneous surface (e.g. right wheel on ice and left wheel on the asphalt), it helps to stabilize the vehicle and maintain the vehicle’s p

Advanced 6-Airbags

Feel protected inside the cabin where you are surrounded by a safety cage design, fortified with ultra-high-tension steel and a 6-airbag SRS system. Thoroughly tested in countless crash simulations and actual collision tests, the Sorento puts occupant safety above all else.

Front and Rear Parking Sensors

This system using ultrasonic sensors mounted on the front and rear bumpers warns of any obstacles when maneuvering into tight spaces to park safely and confidently.



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