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Bigger, bolder and poised for adventure

Get ready for excitement. With a new look, more interior space, and bracing performance, the all-new Kia Rio has charm that deepens when you get behind the wheel. It’s more than a city car. It’s a city-to-city car.


Face the day with confidence

The all-new Rio is more than just the attractive new car on your street. With comfortable seats, surprising versatility, and dependability backed by a 7-year warranty, it’s with you for the long haul.


Provocative at rest. Tantalizing in motion

Attractive new aerodynamic contours are just part of what makes the all-new Kia Rio so striking. Its smooth ride, agile handling and invigorating performance help bring the excitement to life.

Bi-projection headlamps

Bi-projection headlamps offer increased illumination, enabling you to better detect obstacles and the road ahead.

Electric folding mirrors

You can fold and unfold the outside mirrors conveniently with the push of a button.

Radiator grille

The iconic Kia radiator grille is completely restyled. Most of the airflow used for cooling enters through the lower intake.

Aero blade wipers

Aerodynamic wiper blades keep the blade in contact with the windshield at high speeds.

Rear spoiler garnish

A rear spoiler improves the air vortex around C pillar for enhanced aerodynamics and downforce on the rear tires.


See the road from a position of heightened control

The cockpit prioritizes information and limits visual and manual distractions. The cluster presents driving data, while a center floating display simplifies access to a range of entertainment and comfort controls.


It helps you stay informed, aware, and totally focused

Technology has transformed daily life. But the devices and services we depend on have their time and place. The all-new Rio offers a simple presentation of the information you need to see as you focus on driving.


Relax all the way there. And back

Up to five people can ride in comfort with plenty of room to stretch thanks to a longer wheelbase. Along with automatic air conditioning and heated front seats adding to the experience, the front headrests slide for extra comfort.

Supervision cluster with 3.5˝ LCD screen

A tasteful, intelligently designed and customizable supervision cluster provides outside temperature and vehicle and trip data.

Steering wheel audio remote control

Adjust audio settings using just your thumb, for enhanced driving safety.

Speed limiter / Auto cruise control

The auto cruise function can be activated using steering wheel-mounted controls, making it easy to set your speed in a safe manner.

Auxiliary and USB connections

Flash drives and other compatible audio devices can be connected via 3.5mm (analog) and USB ports.

Manual A/C

Simple soft-touch switches and dials let you adjust the temperature quickly with minimal distraction.

Full Auto Temperature Control (FATC)

FATC lets you set preferable temperature for comfortable ride in any weather conditions.

Full-folding 2nd row seats

Rear seats fold fully flat, so when you need to, you can accommodate long or bulky items in an extended cargo space.

60:40 split-folding rear seats

The rear seats split 60:40 and fold flat, giving you utmost flexibility in managing cargo and passenger space.


An available power sunroof adds an open-air feeling to the already roomy cabin of the all-new Rio.

Telescopic & tilt steering

Adjust the steering column up and down, and in and out, to find just the right position for you.

ECM rear-view mirror

The Electro-Chromic Mirror automatically controls the glare from the headlamps of the car behind you in nighttime.

Sunvisor illumination lamps

LEDs over the vanity mirror on the driver-side sunvisor light up to help you see yourself better in the mirror.

Adjustable seatbelt anchor

The height-adjustable seat-belt anchors allow for seat-belts to be raised and lowered to achieve the perfect fit.

Front & rear door bottle holders

The drink bottles are easily on hand with holders in both the front and rear doors.

Center console armrest

Offers comfortable support when driving, and is covered in soft material that is color-coordinated with the interior trim.

Rear USB charging port

Rear passengers can charge their electronic devices via the USB port mounted at the back of the center console.


Give yourself room to live out those dreams

Whether it’s an average day or the trip of a lifetime, the all-new Rio makes the good life that much easier to achieve. Get familiar with its clever approaches to stowing cargo and putting people at ease.

Luggage net

An elasticized luggage net keeps luggage and cargo from moving around in the cargo space.

Covering shelf

A rear shelf keeps cargo out of view. Attached to the rear gate by cords, it lifts out of the way when the gate is opened.

Auto defog system

The auto defogger detects mist on the windshield and automatically deploys the fans to clear the glass rapidly.

Rain sensor

The rain sensor detects raindrops on the windshield and activates the wipers when a coverage threshold is met.

Smart key with easy keyless entry

Lock or unlock the doors conveniently with the simple press of a button.


The power to pull ahead of the pack

The all-new Rio combines utter efficiency with a constant reserve of power. It’s handling around town is smooth and agile. And when speed is called for, you’ll love the punch of the performance it offers.

Automatic transmission

A smoothshifting 4-speed Automatic transmission smoothly transfers the engine’s torque.

Manual transmission

An efficient 6-speed or 5-speed Manual transmission offers quick, smooth shifts and gear ratios selected to fit the engine's torque curve.


A single-minded obsession with everything that could go wrong

Even the most sculpted car has one paramount duty: to protect the people inside it and around it. The all-new Rio features intelligent active-safety technology and substantial passive-safety enhancements to protect people.

Parking Distance Warning-Reverse (PDW-R)

When you back into a parking spot, how much room do you have left? As you reverse, audible beeps alert you to the distance to obstacles behind you.

Antilock Braking System (ABS)

A fundamental element of active safety systems, ABS helps provide greater vehicle control when stopping in difficult conditions like wet or slippery roads.

6 airbags

Protection includes front airbags for the driver and front-seat passenger, two airbags at the sides, and two curtain airbags running the length of the cabin.



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