Break completely free from routine

With eye-catching contours and confident handling, the Kia Stonic brings fresh excitement to the Compact Utility Vehicle. The visual tension of its bold lines hints at adventure. Its roomy interior, ample power and stable ride promise lasting contentment.

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    A friendly yet strong disposition

    A friendly yet strong disposition

    Aggressive front styling sets the signature Kia grille between bi-function headlamps. A large lower intake draws in engine-cooling air, while side intakes direct airflow to the wheel-wells to help cut turbulence and cool the brakes.

    The graceful side of utility

    The graceful side of utility

    From behind, the agile Stonic makes a striking impression with its dramatically raked, spoiler-capped rear window, and three-dimensional LED rear combination lamps, Its muscular fenders, bumper and airflow regulating skid plate project strength and practicality.

    A good way to travel, wherever you go

    A good way to travel, wherever you go

    Discovering new places and experiences is a lot easier to imagine when you know you’re backed up by a solid network of safety technologies. They not only look out for you but also add to the dynamic enjoyment of driving.


    Your personal link to all its powers

    Your personal link to all its powers

    In the Stonic, clean, sculpted contours please the eye, and driving is refreshingly fun. The steering wheel is shaped to stay clear of your legs and the shift knob and other controls are positioned for quick engagement. Staying focused is the name of the game.

    Dedicated to maintaining your cool

    Dedicated to maintaining your cool

    The roomy interior can seat up to five people with ample space for stretching and relaxing. Up-to-date entertainment choices, automatic air conditioning, and heated front seats make the ride even more welcoming.


    <span class=More capacity means more capability">

    More capacity means more capability

    A compact SUV like the Stonic is designed to put plans and dreams in motion. Its spacious interior and cargo flexibility make it easy to set out on adventures and get more things done in the course of a day.

    <span class=Make it yours and yours alone">

    Make it yours and yours alone

    Now that you’ve seen the amazing things the Stonic can do, it’s time to make the exciting decisions. It’s time to choose the colors, materials and extras that will tell the world this Stonic all yours.


    Tap into precisely matched applications of power

    Tap into precisely matched applications of power

    The Stonic is offered with four engines, three gasoline and one diesel, to suit a wide range of needs. Paired with a compatible, quick-shifting manual transmission, each combines remarkable power and appealing efficiency.


    <span class=Placing safety above all else">

    Placing safety above all else

    Protecting the people inside is always the highest priority. The Stonic is engineered to help drivers stay out of trouble and to manage collision forces in ways that minimize the potential of harm to occupants.

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