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Executive Directors

Asif Rizvi

Director & Chief Executive Officer

With over 35 years of rich and diversified experience in Pakistan and North America, Mr. Asif Rizvi is a seasoned and accomplished leader. He has been President and CEO of multinational and local companies for the past 20 years, having acquired corporate and Board room experience at the international level. With an Engineering and Management background by education, Asif has successfully established companies and manufacturing operations.

Asif Rizvi is an MBA from the University of Minnesota. He also holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and Bachelors from the NED University of Engineering and Technology. He is the recipient of a Fellowship under the Fulbright Program for the development of mid-career professionals in the United States.

During his Master’s Program he worked on a NASA Funded research project titled “Flame Spread on Thermally Thick Fuels” which was later used to calculate the entry angle for space shuttles re-entering the earth’s atmosphere to minimize flame spread on their exterior.

Asif began his career with the British Oxygen Company in 1982 as a Production Engineer and was Business Manager Welding when he left in 1989 to pursue a Fellowship and MBA in the USA.

On return he joined Toyota-Indus Motor Company in 1990 as the Head of Production & Engineering where his assignment was the setting up of the 33rd Global Toyota Manufacturing Facility. Following this successful assignment, he served as Head of Product Development and later as Director of Marketing.

At the end of 1998, Asif decided to emigrate to North America and settle in Canada where he headed several businesses, including Horn Plastics Inc. in Whitby, Ontario as its President. Over the next 10 years he was keenly involved in the injection molding industry serving customers such as Xerox, Denso, Toyota Gosei, Makita, Magna and Trudell Medical. He also formed a subsidiary in Indianapolis, USA, for the assembly of automotive lighting. In addition, he managed the real estate holding of the Group in Canada.

In 2009, he returned to Pakistan and joined Thal Limited as its CEO. Thal is a diversified conglomerate having several businesses in the Automotive, Packaging and Laminate industries. Over the next several years, Asif was engaged in establishing manufacturing operations for automotive Starters & Alternators and in the formation of a JV Company with Toyota Boshoku of Japan for seat manufacturing, which he also headed as the Chairman and CEO. He successfully entered into franchise agreements with several international companies. In 2013, Asif assumed the responsibility of Vice Chairman, Automotive Group for the House of Habib, overseeing five auto part companies and was a member of the Governing Board of the Group.

Asif joined Kia Lucky Motors Pakistan Limited as its Chief Executive in mid-2017. KIA Lucky Motors is a collaboration between KIA Motor Company, South Korea and the YB Group, formed to establish vehicle manufacturing operations in Pakistan.

Asif has been a member of the Group Committee overseeing the operations of Habib University and a member of the Advisory Committee for the School of Engineering.